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What is Agile Methodology? Benefits & Drawbacks of Agile Method:

What is Agile Methodology Benefits Drawbacks of Agile Method
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What is the agile methodology?

Agile is a project management and software development process that assists team’s delivering excellent value to their customers rapidly and with less difficulty.

What is Agile Methodology Benefits Drawbacks of Agile Method 1

Agile usually supports a managed project management process that promotes frequent inquiry and evolution, a management law that boosts teamwork community, self-organization, and responsibility. it prompts a gathering of programming advancement strategies dependent on iterative turn of events, where necessities and arrangements advance through cooperation between self-sorting out cross-utilitarian groups.

Meanwhile, teams and organizations follow the agile development they center around the practices that assistance with cooperation and putting together the work, which is incredible. though, added or another key set of practices that are not as regularly succeeded but should be our particular technical methods that shortly deal with developing software in a process that supports your organization deal with the feasibility. those technical practices are imperative and something you couldn’t neglect.

Advantages of Agile:
What is Agile Methodology Benefits Drawbacks of Agile Method 2

  • In the agile method conveyance of programming is unremitting.
  • The clients achieved their expectations because after each sprint working component of the product is delivered to them successfully.
  • Clients can review the functioning component which delighted their assumptions.
  • On the off chance that the clients have any feedback or some modification in the component or feature, then it could be accepted and delivered in the current deliverance of the product.
  • In this methodology, attention is paid to designing a good product and delivering it on time in every sprint.
  • Any variances in the specifications are accepted even in the following stages of the development.
  • An agile/scrum approach could increase organization collaboration by cutting down organizational difficulties and developing a spirit of trust and association around organizational goals.
  • Engineers can further develop their abilities dependent on qa input.
  • You don’t need to worry about early optimization.
  • You don’t spend many assets since you generally work on up-to-date tasks.

Disadvantages of the Agile Methodology:

What is Agile Methodology Benefits Drawbacks of Agile Method 3

  • Now and then, an agile procedure and condition or requirement are not usually understandable, so it’s very difficult to forecast the normal result.
  • It is difficult to evaluate real attempt requirements at the start of a software development life cycle project.
  • As we know, agile changes rapidly if we do not understand it properly. then it’s hard for long-term projects. for difficult projects, the resources needed and attempted are tough to calculate.
  • In the condition of some software deliverables, most notably the huge ones, it is difficult to evaluate or estimate the effort needed at the start of the software development life cycle. There is an absence of attention to important design and documentation.
  • Sometimes the project can get confused if the customer agent is not understanding what the result will look like according to their requirements.
  • Because of this, only senior programmers are able to make the commitment needed in the development process. otherwise, there is no space for newbie programmers, but combined with experience, they can.
  • Documentation is liable to get distracted, and that can make it difficult for beginners to get up to speed.
  • Sometimes it’s tougher to calculate the development that is in a waterfall, as the development happens in some cycle.
  • Agile requires more time and energy from every person, as developers and customers should continually interact with each other.
  • When developers are inactive, they can’t engage in any other work because they can be back instantly.
  • The client who is engaged in a certain amount of budget, even if they do not have any knowledge about the budget of the project, makes it difficult in the sales cycle.
  • The product needs an overall design from a ux and architectural point of view, which can be a problem when you have to work more on the product. The members get confused in giving new service at the cost of technical liability, which expands the cost of unprepared work.


If you wish to be agile, the initial principle is ‘ each project require to be a bit different set of plans and convention or methodology’ individuals’ attitude regarding communication user participation free is more necessary than the particular procedure we use.

Agile models are established on sequential software development. an individualistic working, the course is set up after the completion of the succession.

Agile Methodology requests the developer to get mixed up in testing rather than the different quality assurance team. They are sustainable in changing environments because of new practices and principal that enable the team to develop a product in a short period of time.


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