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Advance Geospatial Technology

Make better decisions and increase productivity by deploying location data. Our solutions blend geospatial insights, driving cost-effective operations and efficiency gains to support your sustainability targets. Access satellite views and optimize fleets, equipping you with essential decision-making tools on the go.
Advance Geospatial Technology - InStep Technologies

How it work

How it work
Data Collection and Analysis

Utilize GIS technology to gather geospatial data from various sources such as satellites, surveys, and mapping tools. This data is then organized, processed, and analyzed to extract meaningful insights.

Geospatial Mapping

Utilize GIS software to create detailed maps that visually represent geospatial data. These maps help in understanding spatial relationships, patterns, and trends, providing a clear visual representation of the data.

Decision Making and Application

Use the analyzed geospatial data and maps to make informed decisions. GIS enables the transformation of data insights into practical applications that can be applied in various fields such as urban planning, environmental management, disaster response, and more.


ArcGIS Solutions can inspire positive change across a range of industries.




Health and Human Services

Public Safety

State and Local Government



Business Expansion through Geospatial Consulting

Online Mapping

Online Mapping

We specialize in creating customized web mapping solutions using Esri's ArcGIS platforms like ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. Our approach involves API integration for customization and automation tools like Webhooks and FME for streamlining processes and enhancing integration capabilities.
Mobile GIS

Mobile GIS

We excel in GIS mobile applications, we configure using Esri tools like ArcGIS Field Maps, Survey123, QuickCapture, and WorkForce. Our services encompass native iOS, Android, and cross-platform app development, along with tools for seamless GIS data management and synchronization.
Desktop GIS

Desktop GIS

Specializing in GIS desktop applications, we create solutions using ArcPro and ArcMap, utilizing .NET and Python for development. Through collaboration, we enhance GIS analytical capabilities and provide efficiency tools such as CHPS for dedicated desktop tasks, ensuring seamless operations.