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Angular and Angular JS Know the Difference

Angular and Angular JS Know the Difference
April 25, 2022 No Comments


Angular and AngularJS are two open-source platforms to create dynamic Single Page Applications(SPAs). Both of these frameworks share a handful of similarities since the former is an upgraded version of the latter, however, it’s their differences that will assist us to select the superior among the two.

However, based on the individual choices and business preferences,

Prior to that, let’s learn about these frameworks individually in addition to understanding the significant distinction between them.


It is a well-known open source Typescript framework created by Google to develop dynamic web applications. It is the upgraded version and is easy to develop with an advanced modular design. It is considerably faster in comparison with AngularJS.


AngularJS, on the contrary, is a Javascript open source front end framework which is essentially used to develop Single Page web Applications(SPAs). It has the ability to embellish static HTML to dynamic HTML.


Following are the vital differences:


1. Language The fundamental difference between the two open-source frameworks is that Angular is Typescript-based. AngularJS is based on Javascript.
2. Architecture It primarily uses components including attributive and structural directives that come with templates. This operates on MOdel View Controller(MVC) framework. Here, view shows the data present in the model and the controller processes the information.
3. Dependency Injection It has a hierarchical dependency injection(DI) system to enhance the performance. It doesn’t employ DI as it uses directives instead.
4. Mobile The developed applications  are mobile browser friendly. This framework is not mobile friendly.
5. Routing It uses a URL to emulate a directive to navigate to the client-view. @Route configuration is used for routing information. JS uses @routeProvider.when to determine routine information.
6. Performance & Speed It provides improved performance and speed after being upgraded into a better structure. Angular again scores for utilizing Command Line Interface(CLI) for project development. It depends on third-party javascript tools like IDE and Webstorm, for building applications and checking for errors. The two-way binding attribute conclusively reduces the efforts and the time of construction.
7. Management In this, it is easier to manage and create bigger applications considering it is better structured. It can become complex as it is difficult to manage with expanding size of the source code

The above table depicts typical differences between the two. It also helps in making an informed decision about the choice and its consequences.


From the whole information and the differentiation table above, we conclude, while both the open-source frameworks have distinct advantages to offer, Angular comes on the top in most categories as it creates dynamic applications for both web as well as mobiles and can also generate SPAs using Typescript and HTML.

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