InStep Technologies



Pixalane is a digital agency, which is commited is to facilitate the success of businesses within the digital realm.It wanted to attract new clients and showcase its portfolio effectively. They wanted us to revamp its website and elevate its online brand presence.


InStep was approached by a diverse range of businesses seeking to enhance their digital presence and connect with their target audiences more effectively. Among these clients was PixaLane a burgeoning tech startup aiming to establish itself as a leader in its niche market.


• Complete design and development.
• Incorporated Segment and Analytics.
• Intricate graphic design
• SEO Optimization
• Plug-ins and other third party integrations
• Digital Marketing
• Branding and color pallet
• Maintainance


The client at Pixalane was insisting on creating an explicit design concept for his website which would be different in its UI/UX and would have the ability to attract younger customers and innovative partners. He required the brand identity to convey company’s technological prowess and forward thinking approach.


At InStep multiple design concepts were explored, each focusing on different aspects of the brand’s personality and market positioning. These concepts were presented to the client for feedback and refinement. Once the concept was selected, the design elements were implemented across various touchpoints, including the company website, product packaging, digital and print advertisements. Through strategic graphic design interventions, InStep successfully created a brand identity, positioning Pixalane for continued growth and success in an increasingly competitive market.