InStep Technologies

Dubai Rent


The application offers a range of categories, allowing users to explore apartments, villas, and commercial properties for rent in Dubai. It approached us to implement digital analytics to optimize its online presence and drive business growth. 


• Complete Design and Development.
• Integration of live chat and Google Maps
• SEO Optimization
• Digital Marketing
• Analytics
• Data Collection and Integration
• Performance Evaluation
• Digital Marketing Audit


The client encountered numerous hurdles in optimizing its digital performance. Firstly, the company grappled with an overwhelming volume of digital data sourced from diverse channels like website analytics, social media metrics, and customer feedback, yet struggled to extract actionable insights from this wealth of information. Additionally, the absence of a cohesive digital strategy posed significant challenges, resulting in inefficiencies across marketing campaigns, website design, and customer engagement efforts. 


  • Analytics Audit and Setup
  • Data Integration
  • Conversion Optimization


With our expert team at InStep the client  witnessed remarkable improvements across various facets of its digital performance. Firstly, optimizing the website’s user experience (UX) and navigation culminated in a notable 20% surge in conversion rates, translating into amplified sales and revenue streams. Furthermore, the refinement of digital marketing strategies, guided by data-driven insights, yielded a substantial 30% enhancement in return on investment (ROI) across diverse marketing channels. Additionally, the implementation of personalized recommendations and targeted email campaigns fostered heightened customer engagement and loyalty, resulting in elevated customer retention rates.