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Cisco Meraki


Meraki operates under Cisco’s Cloud Networking Group (CNG) and maintains its unique approach and dedication to cloud-managed networking. Cisco Meraki has revolutionized contemporary and easily deployable networks accessible from any location.


The project aimed to extend Meraki’s global reach by delivering its services to ten different sites, ensuring that customers worldwide were acquainted with Meraki’s offerings. In summary, Meraki’s presence within Cisco’s Cloud Networking Group (CNG) symbolizes a commitment to innovation and excellence in cloud-managed networking. By embracing an out-of-band cloud architecture, Meraki has transformed network management, delivering secure, scalable, and easily deployable solutions that empower organizations to thrive in the digital age.


• Content Creation
• Development Enhancements
• Design Work and Refinements
• Creation and Customization of Components
• Multilingual Expansion
• E-commerce Portal Development
• Segment and Analytics
• Revamping of the website


The client’s primary objective was to establish a stable and error-free website, signaling a commitment to delivering a seamless and reliable online experience for its users. Achieving this goal required a meticulous approach to website development and quality assurance, with a focus on identifying and rectifying potential issues that could compromise performance, functionality, or user experience.


 Launching the site in ten different languages within a constrained timeframe posed a significant challenge. The reliance on translators, particularly for languages with extreme dialects like Chinese and Japanese, added complexity. Additionally, the predetermined release date and the ambitious task of crafting over 500 case studies necessitated weekend work to meet deadlines. The project timeline remained tight throughout.


We successfully launched the site in various languages within a week. Cisco Meraki was introduced in Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Canadian French, as well as for Australian and UK audiences.