InStep Technologies

Talent Recognition


TR Recruiter serves as an invaluable online tool utilized by both HR offices and entrepreneurs alike in their quest to identify the most suitable job candidates for various roles within their organizations. This platform streamlines the hiring process by providing a systematic approach to evaluating and ranking candidates based on their qualifications, skills, and compatibility with the job requirements. This platform helped in

  • Efficient Candidate Evaluation
  • Objective Ranking System
  • Customizable Assessment Criteria
  • Streamlined Collaboration
  • Data-Driven Insights

Key Features

  • Automated Candidate Identification
  • Generation of Psychometric Profiles
  • Integration of Application Form Link.
  • Photograph-Based Profile Creation.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation Process


 We created a powerful feature that automated the process of identifying the most suitable candidates for interviewing, particularly tailored for the role in question. One of the key functionalities provided by our platform was the generation of psychometric profiles for each candidate, enhancing the depth of assessment and ensuring a more comprehensive evaluation process.


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• Complete design and development
• Conversion from JavaScript to TypeScript (TS)
• Enablement of Camera Functionality
• Creation of PDFs
• Complete Re-architecture of the Site.
• Website optimization
• Segment and Analytics


The project itself was a challenge as the developers couldn’t implement the functionality that client requested for, the candidate had to be photographed and after ten continuous clicks a pdf file had to be generated about the applicant revealing about his/her personality, thus helpful in the process of interview.


Implementing the psychometric test task was a significant undertaking that required a deep understanding of both the client’s requirements and the technical intricacies involved. The process involved several key steps, including thorough analysis, code fixes, and rigorous testing to ensure the successful integration of the psychometric test functionality into the application. The client was highly satisfied and expressed his gratitude for the application being launched.