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Talent Recognition


    Client was determined to deploy the project, which required the photography of the applicant, but was not able to get it done from anywhere.


    TR Recruiter’s dashboard permits us to consequently distinguish the best candidate admissible for interviewing for the ‘Role A psychometric’ profile, which is generated for every candidate. By clicking the link on the application form, the candidate is photographed creating the psychometric profile included in their application. This can be done on any webcam empowered gadget or a cell phone.


    • Site was converted from JS to TS (Typescript).
    • Camera functionality was enabled.
    • PDF creation.
    • Complete re-architecture of the site.


    TR Recruiter is an online help, utilized by both HR offices and entrepreneurs to position working candidates in the quest to find the best fit.


    The project itself was a challenge as the developers couldn’t implement the functionality that client requested for. The candidate had to be photographed, and after 10 continuous clicks a PDF file had to be generated about the applicant revealing his/her personality, thus helpful in the process of interview.


    We implemented the task of psychometric test after a deep understanding and did the code fix. It took us 1.5 months to get the application working. The client was highly satisfied and expressed his gratitude for the application being launched.