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    The client wanted a reliable application for keeping a record of all the utilities required.


    The project was about managing the inventory for the products and utilities used in the COVID-19 pandemic, including ventilators, masks, and COVID test kits.


    • The application was created from scratch.
    • Suggested the design.
    • Created the design from scratch.
    • Offered the technology stack, which was angular8 with PHP.


    Covid19 Inventory tracker is a platform for keeping a track of inventory for articles during the Pandemic. It facilitated the admin to manage and provide the facility to the needy. The project was quite helpful and proved beneficial during the Trauma.


    It was required to insert and manage the records according to the stock available, sold stock and branch wise records. For example, if the stock was not available in the Chandigarh branch and if any customer ordered it from the exact location, it had to be imported from the branch where it used to be available and then was provided to the customer. The project had to be finished within a tight timeline.


    We produced an extensive database of content about everything related to products that had to be provided in the pandemic adding hundreds of educational articles to improve SEO and search visibility. We provided a complete solution for managing the national branches and resource management within a turn around time of five weeks.