A web application where the highest number of organizations and professionals can unite together under one roof and offer their services, which can help people to get all service details and can easily contact them on the same platform.


An Application where various firms and professionals offer assistance like home services, Real Estate, Business, Sport, health, Beauty, Training, and leisure including Interior, Domestic, Construction works, Marketing, Transportation and Therapy, etc. People can choose service providers and contact them to get details, prices and send them quotes according to their needs. 


  • Application is running frontend in Angular, Bootstrap, and backend in ASP.NET and MySQL database, etc.
  • Also Developed the Mobile application in React Native with ASP.NET and MySQL.
  • For constructing attractive, consistent, and more responsiveness we used Angular Material components.
  • Developed the application in four languages like English, Eesti, Suomi, and Russian. 
  • We proposed the mock-ups design for reference to the client. 
  • Integrated Google Map for seeking service provider location. 


The primary and unique platform that anyone can use to get virtually any assistance or help with a couple of clicks and can gather all the relevant quotes for inquiry which are accessible 24/7 from PC or mobile phone.


Displaying all service providers along with the dynamic location was a big deal. In this application, there were some features like uploading and downloading media which took great effort and time of the team.


We integrated the functionality of Showing different offers to users from different locations and Showing relevant business opening hours. Translating key messages to the user’s language was another module we worked on.