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Emotion Hack


The goal was to help people grow holistically and prepare for all personal and professional challenges from something inherent in human nature. The e_loop is the core of this application and represents your progress in mastering emotions.


The client’s company was a start-up, and we suggested a solution for building this platform. Since the beginning of the project, we advised the client on the best platforms regarding Frontend and Backend with an interactive GUI.


(Mobile App)
User Login/Register/ would be able to play the course, play the audio, select an answer, and select other course content.
Admin Login/Register was done. User was able to create the course and was able to set the timeline of the course, and course content could be done from the backend.


Emotion Hack is a platform that allows users to listen to audio-based interactive training to improve their emotional quotient. The platform allows user access through Android and iOS apps. In the requirement of more Content, Sessions, and Analytics; users purchase the in-app subscription.


Management of course Timeline, User Progress on the basis of course played by the user, and to handle User Subscriptions.


Our team delivered the project within the given timeline. We had to assign the resources on an urgent basis to get this project delivered and all the graphic issues resolved.